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After I used Dennis’s services I have referred multiple friends and coworkers to him. He is amazing!

Dennis is a protector. He guards his clients and has always in my experience put the client first. He is honest in telling you what he can and cannot do to help. I highly recommend Dennis and will always use his office for all my legal needs.

- Marla, a Divorce client (5 star review)

Mediation / Dispute Resolution


The LaJulie Sydney Bridgew Firm of Dennis A. Lacerte offers family law divorce and child custody mediation and alternative dispute resolution.  Mediation gives parties the ability to efficiently resolve their issues in a cost-effective and dignified way while still preserving key relationships within the family.   With our extensive courtroom litigation experience and conflict resolution skills, we are especially qualified to help families reach successful mediated agreements in domestic relations matters.   Our certified professional mediators have the necessary empathy, patience and aptitude to resolve family conflicts without court intervention.   We are dedicated to helping families find long-term solutions while avoiding costly litigation.  Mediation sessions may be conducted at our office or at any location of your choosing.


Why mediate?

Mediation is confidential.  Court hearings are public.

Mediation is more economical than litigation as a way to resolve disputes.

Mediation gives parties control over the outcome.  In Court hearings, the Judge controls the final orders.

Mediation is also more efficient than litigation. Resolution through the court system may take years while parties in mediation can reach an agreement in a matter of hours.

Mediation may improve the relationship between the parties because both sides, when willing to work together, may have a better understanding of the other side and the underlying issues driving the dispute.

Mediation reduces the chances of future litigation.  Once parties have worked together to reach a mutually acceptable agreement once, the chances of them being able to come to an agreement again are very high.  When parties have come to an agreement, the chances of future violation of their agreement are reduced which therefore reduces the risk of future court involvement.

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